All Information collected as part of the application process is subject to verification by Lawson Amenities Committee and Braesael Management Company. Event approval is subject to available dates and times, plus resident standing with the HOA or additional approvals by the Board of Directors.

The Lawson Community Association offers The Mill Rentals exclusively for Lawson Residents Only.

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Lawson Events Calendar

The Mill Rules & Regulations

The Lawson Mill

The Mill Hours

  • Open Daily - 6:00am until 11:00pm

  • Closed for Private Events

The Mill Rental Options

  • LAWSON RESIDENT EVENT - ALL guests must be residents of Lawson. A Lawson resident event is sponsored by a Lawson resident, and is by invitation only and exclusively for Lawson residents (no outside guests).

  • LAWSON RESIDENT PRIVATE EVENT - A Private Event is sponsored by a Lawson resident when one (1) or more persons living outside the Lawson community are extended an invitation to attend a Private Event or attends the event.

  • LAWSON SOCIAL COMMITTEE EVENT - An event sponsored by the Social Committee exclusively for the benefit of Lawson residents. Reservations by sponsoring committee chairperson only. Hosts of Social Committee events must be active members of the Social Committee.

  • PUBLIC SERVICE EVENT - A Public Service Event is sponsored by a Lawson committee member and is for the benefit of Lawson residents and in some cases to include the surrounding community.

Rental Fee Schedule

  • LAWSON RESIDENT EVENT: Rental Fee - Waived; Deposit - $200

  • LAWSON RESIDENT PRIVATE EVENT: Rental Fee - $200; Deposit - $250

  • LAWSON SOCIAL COMMITTEE EVENT: Rental Fee - Waived; Deposit - Waived

  • PUBLIC SERVICE EVENT: Rental Fee - Waived; Deposit - Waived

  • Where applicable, separate checks for Security Deposit and/or Rental Fees to be made out to Lawson HOA.

The Mill FAQ’s

  • How much does it cost to rent The Mill? (See Above Fees)

  • What are the hours for The Mill? The Mill is open daily 6:00am until 11:00pm for community members recreational use. Private Events receive exclusive access.

  • How old do I have to be to use The Mill? While there is no set age for access, The Board of Directors strongly encourages supervision of anyone under the age of 18 inside The Mill.

  • How secure is The Mill? We employ over 20 different cameras in and around The Mill to protect our investment. There are multiple types of alarmed doors and access points plus our fire system. Our Key Fob system know each resident who enters the building and keeps a log which can be matched to recorded video.

  • Can I let my neighbor use my key fob to enter The Mill? Fob Sharing is Strictly Prohibited. Allowing unauthorized entrance or use of a fob could result in suspension of your amenities privileges.

  • For my event, can I use the outside deck or have a party in The Mill and use the pool? Rental of The Mill does not include the pool, tennis courts, playground, parking lot, sidewalk, or weight room. All event activities are to be confined to The Mill. CONCURRENT RENTAL OF THE POOL AND THE MILL IS PROHIBITED.

  • Can I request a rental for my family, but not be in attendance? The Renter is required to be present during the entire period of the event. The Renter will have no less than two (2) adults present for the first ten (10) minors under the age of 21 attending the event and at least one additional attending adult for each ten (10) minors thereafter.

  • I’m having a large party, can I leave the leftovers, drinks, alcohol, etc. behind for the next event? All food and beverages must be removed from The Mill after an event. Under no circumstances should alcohol be left within The Mill post-event. Renter must remove all leftover alcohol from the premises or forfeit their deposit.

  • We are renting to have a wedding or a reception, can we throw rice or confetti? What are the rules for balloons? Confetti, glitter, rice, and/or birdseed are not permitted in The Mill or surrounding outside area. Damage requiring professional attention may result in forfeiture of a portion of the security deposit to cover any costs incurred resulting from use of the above mentioned items. Helium balloons are not permitted in The Mill. False alarms resulting from helium balloons will result in forfeiture of a portion of the security deposit to cover costs charged to the Association.

  • How do I get the TV and sound system to work? The TV controller is mounted on the wall to the right of the TV. This controller also controls the Tuner and DVD player. Operation of all units is performed only at wall-mounted controller. Reprogramming charges incurred as the result of a renter's failure to comply with these guidelines may result in forfeiture of a portion of their security deposit. We have an extra HDMI cable to plug a computer or other HDMI compliant electronic for use on the screen.

  • How many people can be in The Mill at one time? By Code, the maximum capacity of people to be in The Mill at one time is 120 People.

  • I checked in for my private event and there are issues in The Mill, what do I do? Report any pre-event checklist concerns to the Management Company by Emailing Support and/or calling (704) 847- 3507 before the start of your event to report the specific issues. If nobody can take your call, leave a voicemail message.


All sections of this Agreement must be adhered by the Lawson Homeowner or their Tenant (both hereto referred to as Renter). Failure to do so will forfeit part or all of the Security Deposit. In the event of damage or breakage not covered by the Security Deposit, renter will make full retribution for any additional necessary repairs and costs over and above the amount of Security Deposit. Overnight houseguests will be permitted to attend events.

Rental of The Mill is restricted to Lawson Residents Only. Renters may not rent on behalf of a third party. Joint rentals are not permitted. It is the renter's responsibility to ensure that any vendor attending the event in a professional capacity can provide documentation of adequate liability insurance. Reservations are on a first come basis.

Rental Agreement, security deposits and rental fees must be received by the management company within two (2) weeks from confirmation of The Mill availability or the reservation will automatically be cancelled. Reservations made within one (1) month of event date will not be confirmed until all required fees, deposits and signed agreements are received. The Lawson Board of Directors, after reviewing the rental application, has the final say as to the event type and corresponding deposit/fee requirements.

Responsible Lawson Resident *
Responsible Lawson Resident
Please review the Mill House Rental Options and select below.
I understand that the information provided is accurate to my knowledge. I understand that if a non-Lawson Resident attends my Resident Event that I will be subject to a $200 rental fee. If I knowing disregard this fee upon application, my event could be canceled by the HOA Board of Directors or I will be charged the $200 rental fee and risk future rental requests.
You have the option to make payment at The Mill Tuesday's 8:00am - 2:00pm or you may mail payment to Braesael Management. You must include a printed copy of this completed form which you will receive in an email. Note: All Checks will be deposited. There will be a $25.00 charge for all checks that are returned for insufficient funds. Please indicate how you will make payment (Choose One):
Where applicable, the Renter shall be refunded the Security Deposit providing all terms, conditions, rules and regulations of this agreement are satisfied and the facility is left in the same condition as before the event. The refunded security deposit will be mailed within ten (10) business days of the event.
Event Date *
Event Date
Please Check the Lawson Events Calendar (Linked on this Page) to be sure the date you are seeking is available. Then enter the Date of the Event below.
Secondary Event Date *
Secondary Event Date
Please provide a back-up Event Date
Event Start Time *
Event Start Time
Please include at least 30 minutes for Set-Up
Key Fob Access Start Time *
Key Fob Access Start Time
What time should Fob Access Begin (INCLUDING SET UP)?
Event End Time *
Event End Time
Please include at least 30 minutes for Break Down
Key Fob Access End Time *
Key Fob Access End Time
What time should Fob Access End (INCLUDING CLEAN UP)?
We must have the Fob Number from a minimum of ONE of the assigned fobs to your family to program your access to the Mill House. (Bottom Number on Fobs)
As a member in good standing of The Lawson Community Association, Inc., I, an authorized resident of the Lawson Community, hereby agree to and understand that we are bound by the following terms and conditions by selecting "I Agree" and with a Digital Signature.
The Mill Event Rental Fees *
The Rental Fee is dependent upon the type of event requested. For all Private Events there is a $200 Rental Fee. For all events, there is a refundable $250 security deposit. * Separate checks are required and both checks will be cashed. * The security deposit will be refunded in full or in part at the discretion of the Lawson Community Association Amenities Committee. * Events must be booked at least 2 Weeks (14 days) prior to the event date. * Events requested less than 14 days in advance will be charged a “rush” fee of $50 at Lawson Amenities Committee. It is at the association's discretion to approve this party or special event request.
The Mill Usage Rules *
My family, guests, and I agree to respect The Lawson Community Association, Inc., The Mill and all property and equipment contained therein and will not damage or abuse the facilities, property or equipment in any way, and act in accordance with the Lawson Mill Rules & Regulations. I agree to pay all costs of any missing property or damage caused by anyone in attendance of my event. I understand any violation by myself or any of my guests gives cause for the Lawson Community Association, Inc. to fine and/or suspend or revoke amenity privileges.
The Mill Rules & Regulations Acceptance *
I acknowledge that I have downloaded and reviewed of a copy of the current Lawson Mill Rules and Regulations and I understand they are subject to change without notice. I agree to abide by the rules as set forth by the Lawson Amenities Committee and Board of Directors as well as this Rental Agreement. I understand that infractions or violations of these rules by myself or those in attendance of my event gives cause for an Association Manager, Committee Member or a member of the Board of Directors to potentially terminate the event immediately and/or dismiss any member of the above-mentioned persons from the amenity property of Lawson for the remainder of the event, or for an extended period of time as specified by the Board of Directors and could be grounds for the loss of my deposit.
Amenity Usage *
I understand that myself and my guests will not make use of the The Mill office, pools, pool deck, playground, tennis courts, gym or lower level restrooms. My guests must remain within the Mill House proper or on the upper section of The Mill property. The Mill upper deck is closed to guests and residents when utilizing The Mill and the door is alarmed 24/7.
Pre/Post Event Review *
I will report any pre-event damage or concerns to the HOA Management Company before the start of my event. Immediately following my event I will report any post-event damage or concerns to Braesael Management. All emails should include images of said issues and be emailed to
Cleaning Policy *
You, as the Resident Host, are responsible for clean-up post event. This is a mandatory obligation as a renter. I acknowledge that I, my guests, or my family will clean The Mill after the event has ended per The Mill Cleaning Policy.
Alcohol Policy *
Under no circumstances will alcohol be provided to anyone under the age of 21. All alcohol, food and other beverages from the event will be removed from the premises after the event. There will be no alcohol, beverages or food products left in The Mill Refrigerator post event. I understand that The Mill is open to minors and that if alcohol is left in the refrigerator, I will forfeit my security deposit. I also understand that I am in acceptance of the Lawson Mill Usage & Rental Rules and if I, or any of my guests, act in a manner that is in violation of the alcohol policy, that I risk future rental requests.
Smoking Policy *
I understand that there is absolutely NO SMOKING (cigarettes, cigars, e-cigs, Vapes, etc.) within ANY Lawson Community amenity. Should this occur, I forfeit my security deposit and will be subject to additional cleaning fees to be determined by the HOA Board of Directors.
Cancellation Policy *
If the cancellation is received at least fourteen (14) days prior to the scheduled date of use, any rental fee and security deposits will be refunded in full. If the cancellation is received in less than fourteen (14) days prior to the date of use, there may be a $100 charge withheld from the security deposit with the balance to be refunded. The rental fee, if applicable, would be fully refunded.
Waiver *
I hereby release and waive all claims against the, the Board of Directors of the Lawson Community Association, Inc., its management company Braesael Management, employees, committee members, attorneys, successors and the Lawson Community Association, Inc. to the full extent permitted by law, for death, personal injury or damage to property sustained directly or indirectly by the undersigned or anyone in any way related to or affiliated with the resident. I hereby assume complete financial responsibility for the event and agree to indemnify and hold harmless, the Board members, management company Braesael Management, employees, Committee Members, attorneys, successors to and the Lawson Community Association, Inc. to the full extent permitted by law, against any and all claims, damages, suits, expenses (including attorney's fees) brought by any third party for death, personal injury or damage to property resulting from the use of The Mill facility and surrounding areas located at: 2306 Lawson Drive, Waxhaw, NC 28173.
Signature *
By Typing your First and Last name below you agree to the above Lawson Pools Rental Request & Agreement, Current Pool Rules, Slide Rules, and Post-Event Cleaning Checklist.