All Information collected as part of the application process is subject to verification by Lawson Amenities Committee, Braesael Management Company and Trident Pool Group. Event approval is subject to available dates, times & lifeguards, plus resident standing with the HOA or additional approvals by the Board of Directors.

Lawson Events Calendar

Lawson Pools

2019 Pool Schedule

Rental Location Options

  • Social Committee Event - An event sponsored by the Social Committee exclusively for the benefit of Lawson residents.

  • Mill House Pools - During Pool Hours; Limited up to 25 Guests; Not Private

  • Mill House Pools - After Hours excluding Fridays, Holidays & Meets; Primarily for Over 25 Guests; Private Event

  • Five Forks Pool - During Pool Hours; Limited up to 25 Guests; Not Private

  • Five Forks Pool - Pre-Hours Sunday Mornings Only; Primarily Over 25 Guests; Private Event

Rental Fee Schedule

  • All events require a $150 refundable security deposit.

  • Lifeguard Costs: $20/hour per guard (Ratio 25 Guests to 1 Guard)

  • Trident Pool Group will set the number of Life Guards required per event.

  • Final guard fee amount due to be determined by Trident Pool Group.

  • Separate checks to be made out to Lawson HOA.

Download Rules & Policies:

Responsible Lawson Resident *
Responsible Lawson Resident
Select a Pool Location & Type of Rental Requested
You have the option to make payment at the Mill House Tuesday's 8:00am - 2:00pm or you may mail payment to Braesael Management. You must include a printed copy of this completed form which you will receive in an email. Note: All Checks will be deposited. There will be a $25.00 charge for all checks that are returned for insufficient funds. Please indicate how you will make payment (Choose One):
Where applicable, the Renter shall be refunded the Security Deposit providing all terms, conditions, rules and regulations of this agreement are satisfied and the facility is left in the same condition as before the event. The refunded security deposit will be mailed within ten (10) business days of the event.
Event Date *
Event Date
Please Check the Lawson Events Calendar (Linked on this Page) to be sure the date you are seeking is available. Then enter the Date of the Event below.
Secondary Event Date *
Secondary Event Date
Please provide a back-up Event Date
Event Start Time *
Event Start Time
Please include 30 minutes for Set-Up
Event End Time *
Event End Time
Please include 30 minutes for Break Down
A "GUEST" is anyone attending the event, swimmer or not and will be verified by Trident Pool Group. *
I understand that my event is Invitation Only and that open events are not permitted by the Lawson Community Association. I understand that I must provide a total, "hard number", of Guests (adults + children; swimmers or not) to Trident Pool Group. The number of guests directly dictates the number of lifeguards to be on duty for the entire event and fees associated with the pool rental.
I understand that if my request is for a large group consisting of either a team, business, charity or other type of large group and that I await the Board of Directors approval. (Select One)
As a member in good standing of The Lawson Community Association, Inc., I, an authorized resident of the Lawson Community, hereby agree to and understand that we are bound by the following terms and conditions by selecting "I Agree" and with a Digital Signature.
Pool Event Rental Fees *
The fees for a pool event are based on the number of guests. The costs associated break down as such: $20/Hour on a Per Lifeguard basis. This is a non-refundable fee. There is a refundable $150 security deposit is required for Pool Event Rentals. The fee covers lifeguards plus cleaning and resetting the pools for the next business day and is set by Trident Pool Group. * Separate checks are required and both checks will be cashed. * The security deposit will be refunded in full or in part at the discretion of the Lawson Community Association Amenities Committee, based on post-event inspection by Trident Pool Group. * Events must be booked at least 2 Weeks (14 days) prior to the event in order to be adequately scheduled with lifeguards. * Events requested less than 14 days in advance will be charged a “rush” fee of $50 at Lawson Amenities Committee and Trident Pool Group discretion in order to offset the cost related to last minute scheduling. It is at the company’s discretion based on staffing to approve this party or special event request.
Wristband Policy (When Applicable) *
I understand that if Trident Pool Group dictates guests must wear wristbands due to the size of the party, I, and my guests, will comply with the request. Wristbands are to be worn the entire time of the event on the guest’s/resident’s person. Trident Pool Group will provide the wristbands free of charge.
Pool Rules & Policies *
My family, guests, and I agree to respect The Lawson Community Association, Inc., its Pools and all property and equipment contained therein and will not damage or abuse the facilities, property or equipment in any way, and act in accordance with the Lawson Pools Rules and Policies. I agree to pay all costs of any missing property or damage caused by anyone in attendance of my event. I understand any violation by myself or any of my guests gives cause for the Lawson Community Association, Inc. to fine and/or suspend or revoke amenity privileges.
Pool Rules Acceptance *
I acknowledge receipt of a copy of the current Lawson Pool Rules, Regulations, Alcohol Policy, Guest Policy, and understand are subject to change without notice. I understand that infractions or violations of these rules by myself or those in attendance of my event gives cause for Trident Pool Group, the Association Manager/Committee Member, or a member of the Board of Directors to potentially terminate the event immediately and/or dismiss any member of the above-mentioned persons from the amenity property of Lawson for the remainder of the day, or for an extended period of time as specified by the Board of Directors and could be grounds for the loss of my deposit.
Waterslide Rules *
I understand that there is a minimum ride height requirement of 48" to utilize that slides at the Mill House Slide Pool. Any swimmer will be measured prior to using the slide. I understand that swimmers under 48" will not be allowed access the slides. There is no exception to this rule. Please acknowledge you have downloaded the Waterslide Rules within this form.
Amenity Usage *
I understand that myself and my guests will not make use of the Mill House, upper deck or the gym. My guests must remain within the pool fence area without access to the playground. The Mill House upper deck is closed to party/event guests.
Alcohol Policy *
Under no circumstances will alcohol be provided to anyone under the age of 21. All alcohol, food and other beverages from the event will be removed from the premises after the event. There will be no alcohol, beverages or food products served in glass containers. There will be no drinks and/or food within the pool. Any person found with food or drinks in the pool will be asked to sit out. I understand that alcohol consumption can impair a users judgement. I also understand that I am in acceptance of the Lawson Pool Rules and if I, or any of my guests, act in a manner that is in violation of the alcohol policy, that such person will be removed from the pool premises.
Smoking Policy *
I understand that there is absolutely NO SMOKING (cigarettes, cigars, e-cigs, Vapes, etc.) within ANY Lawson Community amenity. Should this occur, I forfeit my security deposit and will be subject to additional cleaning fees to be determined by the HOA Board of Directors.
Inclement Weather Policy *
Trident Pool Group Inclement Weather Policy: Please contact a Pool Manager or Staff at the pool directly at least two (2) hours prior to the start of the party, if you choose to cancel or reschedule. Mill House Pool Contact: 704-839-0171 and Five Forks Pool Contact: 704-256-7527. Refunds will only be given if advance notice of your desire to cancel or reschedule is given. Please email after you've contacted the pool manager regarding a weather cancellation.
Cancellation Policy *
To receive a full refund for any cancellations not due to inclement weather you must email the Trident Pool Group Office at and Braesael Management at If the cancellation is received at least fourteen (14) days prior to the scheduled date of use, any rental fee and security deposits will be refunded in full. If the cancellation is received in less than fourteen (14) days prior to the date of use, there may be a $50 charge withheld from the security deposit with the balance to be refunded. The rental fee, if applicable, would be fully refunded.
Pre/Post Event Review *
I will report any pre-event damage or concerns to the Braesael Management before the start of my event. Immediately following my event I will report any post-event damage or concerns to Braesael Management. All emails should include images of said issues and be emailed to
Cleaning Policy *
You, as the Resident Host, are responsible for clean-up post event. This is a mandatory obligation as a renter. I acknowledge that I, my guests, or my family will clean-up the area of our event after the event has ended.
Waiver *
I hereby release and waive all claims against the, the Board of Directors of the Lawson Community Association, Inc., its management company Braesael Management, employees, committee members, attorneys, successors and the Lawson Community Association, Inc. to the full extent permitted by law, for death, personal injury or damage to property sustained directly or indirectly by the undersigned or anyone in any way related to or affiliated with the resident. I hereby assume complete financial responsibility for the event and agree to indemnify and hold harmless, the Board members, management company Braesael Management, employees, Committee Members, attorneys, successors to and the Lawson Community Association, Inc. to the full extent permitted by law, against any and all claims, damages, suits, expenses (including attorney's fees) brought by any third party for death, personal injury or damage to property resulting from the use of the pool facility and surrounding areas located at: 2306 Lawson Drive and Surveyor General Drive, Waxhaw, NC 28173.
Signature *
By Typing your First and Last name below you agree to the above Lawson Pools Rental Request & Agreement, Current Pool Rules, Slide Rules, and Post-Event Cleaning Checklist.