Heritage Oak Tree Park Irrigation

Hello friends & neighbors who live near the Heritage Oak Tree and those who love using that park!

Beginning Wednesday August 21st, The Byrd's Group will begin installing all new irrigation within the Heritage Oak Park and along the roadway. This is a continuation of the project that we started with the work on the Heritage Tree itself and the removal of the old dead trees. What does this mean for you?

Lawson 150+ Year Old Heritage Oak Tree

Lawson 150+ Year Old Heritage Oak Tree

  • Byrds will be digging within the park to lay all new pipes

  • There will be machinery on site for digging purposes

  • There will be noise... it is construction folks!

  • There will most likely be water running out of the park at times

  • There will be extra trucks and trailers parked along Periwinkle & Lord Proprietor

This project will take a couple of days to complete, weather pending. As with all irrigation projects, when completed there will be dirt lines where grass used to be.

  • We plan to put down seed and straw until we install new sod in areas affected by the entire project in 2-3 weeks.

  • We will have about 28 new irrigation heads of varying styles within the park. Some spray, some mist.

  • Yes, Real Irrigation so that we have grass instead of red clay mud!

  • We'd like to ask to have people avoid using for a few days after, but that's probably asking too much. So use your best judgement.

The final phase of the project will be done when the temps start to drop, about mid-late September, we will:

  • Install flowering shrubs as "filler" along the property lines of the two neighboring homes

  • Install the final round of pine needles.

  • Note: The irrigation timer will be set as to not occur during times of bus pick-up in the mornings.

Please pass this around to your neighbors or point them to lawsonhoa.com. We are NOT cutting the tree down. After that we will step back and see how things go until the spring.

Thank you, Lawson Grounds Committee