Update From Your Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

For those of you who may have seen extended approval times in the transition to an entirely new ACC team, thank you for your patience and cooperation. With five new members in place, we have been working hard to process applications in a timely manner and to speak with as many homeowners as possible where clarification may be needed. 

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9 day turn around during transition

During the months of April and May, we saw about 50 requests submitted

We understand that timing is an integral part for many of these projects. During the months of April and May, we saw about 50 requests for new projects get submitted. Although some required minor adjustments and some were approved on day 1, our average turn around on processing your applications landed at about 9 days during this period. That is from the time we receive your application from Braesael through the time we send it back to Braesael with a response. During the same time frame all but 3 applications received approvals.

We have made a few changes to the processes that were in place and hope to make a few more. The one our neighbors will see and feel the most will be that all approvals are now being emailed to the homeowner. You will continue to receive a letter in the mail as well. However, this should help shorten the time you are waiting to hear about your official approval and allow you to get on your contractors schedule as soon as possible.

Our committee is made up of a diverse crew from many different sections of Lawson. We are your neighbors as you are ours. We look forward to working with you to help keep Lawson a great place to live.



Your ACC only reviews and approves design of projects based on the requirements set forth in our governing documents. Our approval does not represent a permit from any municipality nor does it remove any responsibility from the homeowner of complying with municipality code or cost.

Survey Needed

Every Architectural change made to a home or a property requires a physical survey of the subject property to be submitted. It needs to be marked up with location, dimension and design details. We can't process these requests without this. (ie. Pools, decks, patios, fences, sheds, driveway extensions, etc....)

Post Inspection

Every approved project must be inspected at completion for compliance versus what was approved. Every Homeowner must notify Braesael within 30 days of completion so a member of the ACC can close out the project in our system.


Your Architectural Control Committee

Anthony, John, Mark, Rob & Tom