A Brand New Way To Book A Pool Party

Who Doesn’t Love A Pool Party!?!

A New & Simple Way To Book Your Next Pool Event

A New & Simple Way To Book Your Next Pool Event

This week the Lawson Communications Committee launched a brand new online Pool Event Reservation form for Lawson Residents to use to book their upcoming Pool Events & Parties!

The form itself is very detailed and requires residents to review the Pool Rules, Slide Rules, Cleaning Policy and Inclement Weather Policy. But it also gives you a much better experience in understanding the process including the fees, what locations are available, and much more! The Amenities Committee has structured the form in a way that allows Braesael Management & Trident Pool Group to easily book the requests and turn around a decision within just a short amount of time. Plus there’s no vagaries with the request, the rules, the policies or what you should expect. It’s all right there for your review as you go through the process. We’ve covered all of the FAQ’s, but if there are still some, you can always contact Braesael Management with your questions. Based on resident feedback we will continue to modify the form and process as needed.

Thank you,

Lawson Amenities Committee