Five Forks Pool Deck Re-Construction

Monday, March 18, 2019 - Lawson Five Forks Pool - 10:38am (48 degrees, Hot Coffee in Hand)

Today is the day! (Well, Yesterday was the day) The Lawson Amenities Committee has been working for months with Lennar, Pace Development and multiple contractors on the project to replace the concrete decking at our Five Forks Pool. After weather delays Monday was the day! And boy was it! The contractors have already removed half of the decking with the remainder to be removed Tuesday.

As a backstory, in June 2018, the Amenities Committee working with our pool vendor Trident Pools found serious issues with our concrete decking at the pool. Working with Trident and an independent structural engineer, we found that the concrete used to pour the decking was not adequate and there could also be issues with the soil below the concrete.

Fast Forward to November 2018, our builder and declarant informed the committee and our brand new Board of Directors that they were working with the contractors to replace the pool decking. It was a long arduous process, but we felt that we were in great shape after hearing this. And then we waited… and waited… it was winter after all.

So… Now it’s here and for the next few days there will be a lot of demolition and dust flying. There will be piles of broken concrete in our parking lot and trucks hauling away debris. Then there will be inspections of soil, new soil and stone to reinforce the soil. Then more certified testing and reports on the soil and concrete to be poured. After this, the new concrete will be poured to many little one’s delight! Go watch from the fence line! Finally, all reports and documentation from the project will be made available from the contractors to the Amenities Committee for later reference.

Once the decking is in place, a new french drain will be dug along the fence line to allow proper water displacement away from the decking. Then finally they will make final repairs and we should be set for inspections by late April and be ready for opening day on May 10th!!

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