Lawson is comprised of 558 acres, with over 1/3 of the acreage devoted to common lands that stay appealing thanks to our resident volunteers.

The Grounds Committee serves on behalf of the property owners of Lawson to assist the Board of Directors by managing the landscape contract and all projects ensuring proper maintenance of all of the common grounds.

Committee Chair: Dave Garlinski

Board Member Sponsor: Danny Divers

Committee Members: Ellen Herman, Christina Retzer, Tom Robinson, Lois Gorman

If you see any issues on the grounds or amenities, please file a Maintenance Ticket HERE. Help us to keep Lawson beautiful!


Lawson has two very unique sections named Ashley River and Southern Trail comprising 110 homesites. These residents live the Maintenance Free lifestyle. The Byrd’s Group provides all maintenance services as listed below:

Turf Program

  • Turf areas will be cut every 7-8 days during the growing season and as needed during the dormant season.
  • Turf will be cut at the appropriate height as required by turf type.
  • Bed lines, tree collars, shrub beds, natural areas and other objects in the turf areas will be trimmed after each cutting with a string trimmer.
  • Sidewalks and curbs will be edged with a steel blade edger a minimum of 2 times per month during the cutting season. String trimmers will not be used for edging.
  • All grass and debris will be blown from sidewalks, curbs, driveways and concrete pads after each cutting.
  • Turf areas will be aerated when required by turf type. Thin areas will be extensively aerated to encourage root development and a growing medium for overseeding.
  • Bermuda turf will be fertilized in May, July & August each year.
  • Pre-Emergent will be applied to Bermuda turf in March & September.
  • Bermuda turf will be sprayed for any grassy weeds in February only.
  • Soil samples will be taken as required determining the soil PH. If the soil PH needs to be adjusted, Byrds will work with the LCA to determine cost.

Ornamental Program

  • The maintenance of the property beds will be from front corner across to front corner of the home only. Excludes side yard beds, trees and shrubs.
  • All Maintenance Free homesites include shrub & tree pruning, bed maintenance, and pine needles.
  • All other shrub & tree pruning, bed maintenance, pine needles, etc. will be the responsibility of the homeowner or renter per the guidelines set in the Lawson CCR’s and the governing CCR’s of Ashley River, Southern Trail.
  • Shrub beds, annual beds, natural areas, curbs, expansion joints and rock ditches will be maintained free of unwanted vegetation by hand weeding and use of herbicides.
  • Ornamental trees will be pruned to encourage growth and development. Low limbs obstructing sidewalks and driveways will be pruned to maintain an 8’ clearance.
  • Shrubs will be trimmed 3 times per year. Shrub clippings will be cleaned-up and removed from the property after each trimming. Shrub pruning at Ashley River, Southern Trail only includes the front of homes from corner to corner, any shrubs around utility boxes and trimming edges of juniper beds in the outer open areas.
  • Leaves will be removed from the turf, shrub beds, parking areas and removed from the jobsite a minimum of 3 times.

Miscellaneous Services - Off Season

  • Every 9-11 days all grass and debris will be blown from sidewalks, curbs, driveways and storm drains.
  • Small limbs less than 2” in caliper will be removed.

Additional Services & General Notes

  • Pine Needle Application: 2 times per year to shrub beds, trees and natural areas to be rolled and tucked when applied. Needles will be kept off of curbs and sidewalks throughout the year.
  • Pine Needles for AR/ST is included.
  • Application for AR/ST includes the existing homes that currently have pine straw.
  • Pine straw will be applied from front corner to corner of the homes and one (1) landscaped tree.
  • The Byrd’s Group will provide the the HOA with a Certificate of Insurance plus maintain employee E-Verify, general liability and workman’s compensation at all times.
  • E-Verify checks are performed on all potential employees before they are allowed to commence working.
  • Chemicals will be applied in accordance with manufacturer recommendations and under the supervision of a licensed pesticide applicator.
  • The Byrd’s Group employs a strict dress code for all employees.

Resident Opt-out (Pine Needles & Pruning) Flags

  • Some residents prefer to utilize their own contractor for pine needles or mulch as well as for pruning.
  • Residents who opt-out must continue to maintain their beds and pruning according to the CCR’s and maintenance program.
  • Residents who opt-out of these two programs will continue as is with annual Maintenance Free dues regardless of opt-out.
  • Residents who opt-out of the program will be provided with a Lawson Flag that must be placed on the property, closest to the mailbox, prior to the services being rendered. Residents will be notified no later than 2 weeks prior to services to provide ample time to place their flags.

Homeowner Irrigation

  • The HOA does not maintain homeowner installed irrigation systems.
  • The homeowner is responsible for all irrigation systems installed. Any leaks in the system found by The Byrds Group via visual inspection of property will be sent to the homeowner.
  • Homeowners are responsible to mark each irrigation head with a landscape flag (homeowner supplied) prior to aeration. Homeowner will be notified no later than 2 weeks prior to services to provide ample time to place their flags on EACH irrigation head.

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